Tips for trips

There are excellent opportunities for hiking and many nature trails for cycling in the surrounding the Řásná. You can swim in forest ponds or a local swimming pool in the summer and cross-country ski in winter. There are aprox 300m long downhill coursesi at Mrákotín. There is also a golf course 1 km from the village Řásná.


Telč was registered in 1992 on the UNESCO?s List of World Cultural Heritage sites. The Telč chateau is one of the jewels of Moravian Renaissance architecture. There are many culturally historical landmarks, the museum, the historical square with Gothic and Baroque houses and arcades, the Gallery Jan Zrzavý, the beautiful natural landscape park, Romanesque tower of the Holy Ghost, the church of St. Jacob, the church of the Holly Virgin in Telč. Many of cultural events – Holidays in Telč (Concerts of singers, performances, exhibitions, happenings,voluntary work, games?), French-Czech Music Academy (Courses in interpretation of classical music for students of conservatories and music colleges from all over Europe), the lookout tower in Oslednice ? the tower is at the altitude of 556.8m with a lookout gallery at the height of 31.2m


Urban historical reservation, Gothic church of St. Jacob, Gothic church of the Ascension of Our Lady, Baroque church of St. Ignatius, Gothic Holy Cross church, city fortifications and the Matka Boží (Mother of God) gate, several floors of catacombs, museum, gallery, town hall, zoo, wooded park


urban historical zone, Renaissance chateau, baroque buildings, tradition of nativity scenes from the 19th century, Velký Špičák national nature reserve

Nová Říše

The Baroque Premonstratensian cloister, the Cloister Library, baroque buildings

Roštejn Castle

Renaissance hunting mansion with a heptagonal tower offers a view of the environs.


The ruins of the castle of Štamberk ? visible only part, the foundations of some buildings and one high wall on the edge of a steep slope, presumably the remains of a tower.

Míchova skála

This is a rock with toner like formations of separate granite plates, The rock is surrounded by a field of large boulders and since it is situated at a height of 773 metres above sea level, and the trees in the neighborhood are not yet too high, it provides a marvelous view to the south and east.


Javořice hill (837 m) is the highest peak of the Czech-Moravian Highland. It lies about 10 km north-west of the town Telč and 10 km north-east of the small town Studená. The top of the hill is covered with large full-grown forests, only the television transmitter towers above. The lookout platform, which offers a nice view of the region around Telč, lies about 1 km below the peak on the southern slope. The relax place called Spring of Our Lord can be found on the north-western slope about 500 m below the top.


a small village dominated by a protected lime tree over 800 years old


New Castle, the town museum and gallery, the castle chapel of the Holy Virgin, the Renaissance tower of St. Lawrence (a beautiful view of the town and its surroundings), a granite memorial of a sugar cube (the first sugar cube in the world was produced in the town in 1843)

Jindřichův Hradec

The State Castle and Chateau (the complex of buildings forming the state castle and chateau of Jindřichův Hradec it is the third largest of its kind in the Czech Republic), the museum, Jindřichův Hradec Local Railways (the unique technical landmark, two narrow-gauge routes: from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice to Jindřichův Hradec to Obrataň. There are steam trains during the summer).


The historical town center contains many historical buildings in gothic, renaissance and baroque styles.

Kostelní Vydří

The convent of White Friars with the pilgrimage Church of Our Lady of Carmel stands on the hill above the village and dominates the surroundings. The church stands in the courtyard of the precinct enclosed by walls and cloister next to the building of the convent. Carmelite Publishing House is located in the town with a wide and interesting publication business thriving here.

Landstejn Castle

The Ruins of the Landštejn castle – The large ruins of the Landštejn castle is one of the best preserved Romanesque castles in Bohemia. The castle was built on a granitic hill near the point of the convergence of the borders of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria.